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Top 10 Most Deadliest Insect in the world.


Top 10 Most Deadliest Insect in the world.

Everyone is scare of Wild animals But you didn’t know that there are some inscet  whose sting can cause many deadly diseases.Without proper treatment ,some insect bite may even result in death.
Here is the list of 10 most dangerous insects in the world.

10 Bullet Ant

Bullet ant is the largest of all ants in the world.They mostly found in rainforests of Nicaragua and paraguay .Bullet ant named after their painful sting.After the bite victim would feel like being shot.
Sting of Bullet ant is 30 times more painfull than of a wasp or a honey bee.

9 Bot Fly

Bot Fly

The larvae of botflies are internal parasites of mammals .The dangerous larvae also live bneath human’s skin and cause horrible effects.

The human Bot flies mostly found across central and south America.

8 Fleas

Fleas insect

Fleas are external parasites that suck blood from humans,birds,reptiles and wild and domestica animals.The flea could cause itching spots on the skin of hosts.

There are 2000 known species of flies in the world .Young fleas can consume the volume of blood that over 15 times their body weight.The flea bite on human body result in red bumps.

7Fire Ants

Fire Ants

There are 285 different species of fire ants in the world.Once distributed ,they would sting the intruder repeatedly.The fire ant sting is very painfull also.
A white pustle caused by fire ant sting last for two weeks.Their venom also would cause several skin problems.

6Kissing Bug

Kissing Bug insect

Kissing bugs grow up by sucking the blood of vertebrates .Kissing bugs named after their habit of biting the lip of human while they sleep.They also transmit parasite called as Trypanosoma cruzi.The kissing bug disease or ‘changas kills 12000 people every year.

The changa disease spread to animals and pets in the same way.

5 Giant Japanese Hornet

Giant japanese hornet

Giant japanese hornet is the largest species of hornet in the world.They grow up to a size of 2 inches.Every year upto 40 deaths are recorded by the sting of japanese hornet.The venom of Japanese Hornet would cause an allergic reaction and dissolve tissues within the short time.
The repeated stinging from the group of Hornets could also result in death.

4 Tse Tse

Tse Tse Insect

TSE TSE  flies is a deadliest biting insect native to Africa.They mainly feed on the blood of vertebrates.The extreme dangerous insect inject potent toxin on each string.It is estimated that about half a million people lost their life by the attack of tsetse flies in Africa.The venom of Tse Tse flies would make sleeping sickness on the victim.But it may lead to fatality without proper treatment.

3 Killer Bees

Killer bees

KILLER BEES  also been are known as Afrcanized honey bees.It is one of the very aggresive and dominant insect in the world.The group of killer bees follows the victim for more than 1 miles.They attacked in the groups and made repetitive stinging.

The killer bees mainly target the face and eyes of humans.Their toxin is not so dangerous.But an attack by a group of killer bbes could cause even death.

2 Drivers Ant

Drivers ant

Driver ants has the largest colony than any other insects in the world.
Each colony of driver ants has members upto 22 million.Even elephants would run away from the group attack of driver ants.They try to finish off any animal that comes across their path.

Driver ants kill thousand of different animals within a single raid.They make repetitive wounds on animals and humans using their strong mandibles.

1 Mosquitoes


MOSQUITOES  are most dangerous insect species on Earth.This deadliest insect cause 1 million death every year by transmitting deadly malaria disease.Mosquitoes carry malaria germs from from one place to another ,and they spread germs into the blood of victim by bitting.WHO estimated that in every 30 seconds a child dies due to malaria and 500 million cases of malaria reported every year.

Note :-Above mentiomned deatils is based on my knowledge and research.If you think that i had forget to mention the name of inscets in the list then comment down the names.

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